Sell Your Payroll Business The Right Way


ConnectPay’s software met all the requirements for a user-friendly interface while including the capabilities to enable a more automated payroll structure for its client base. We are now in our third year and couldn’t be happier with how it is going.

Maria Jalaf

When it came time to sell our payroll business, it was important for us to find a worthy home for our clients. ConnectPay had the right spirit for us—it’s not all about growth and money, but providing real care and service, and understanding the needs of small businesses like the ones we represent.

Heidi Lowenstein

We’ve received extremely positive feedback from our client base. Customer service is at the top of the list of what our clients love about being with ConnectPay. On a personal level, I’m more focused than ever. I’ve tripled my sales since our acquisition.

Sheldon Prenovitz

Why ConnectPay Acquisitions?

“The best buyer isn’t always the one with the highest price, it’s the highest price from the best buyer.”

Steven Pappas, Touchstone Advisors


We welcome your valued clients into our payroll family with the care and support you would give them yourself.


We value the hard work and skills your associates have bought to your business, and will work with you to retain the key staff.


You have worked hard on building your business and we want to give you a fair price for your valuable assets.


Information security, teamwork, helpfulness and teaching each other and our clients are the hallmarks of the ConnectPay culture.


Our proprietary payroll software is constantly being improved by our inhouse development team, so we always have control.
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The Four Cornerstones Of Selling Your Payroll Business

Selling your business takes careful thought, consideration and planning. Use these four cornerstones to guide your exit strategy! 

How We Can Help You

ConnectPay’s proven track record of acquisitions gives you options to stay involved, or completely transition out of your payroll services.


Your level of involvement, future business  potential and revenue structure is flexible.


Our success in transitioning clients to our cloud-based platform comes from well honed experience.


With the direction the market is headed, payroll valuations are at an all time high.


Our dedicated service model supports one-on-one client relationships.

Our Story



As demographics shift and technology improves, the payroll industry is changing — and we want to be there to help you navigate the waters. This is why, in November 2016, we decided to add acquisitions to our platform. The most important thing we’re looking for when acquiring a payroll business is a cultural fit: an organization that values the same full-service, full-value business model at the core of our philosophy.


Connecting is our mission. Above all else, we value: people, passion, and payroll. When we founded ConnectPay 11 years ago, we set out to deliver a solution that supports small businesses, aiding in their success. We handle our clients’ payroll and tax needs — it’s what we do best.