Maria Jalaf

Acquired business produces automated payroll for their clients

“My former payroll business saw the need to upgrade their software in order to stay competitive in the small business payroll space.
ConnectPay’s software met all the requirements for a user-friendly interface while including the capabilities to enable a more automated payroll structure for its client base.
We are now in our third year and couldn’t be happier with how it is going."
Case Study: Sheldon Prenovitz

When Technology Challenges Become Too Hard To Navigate

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Sheldon Prenovitz

Better results for small businesses

“I ran a payroll company for small businesses. The challenge I faced day in and day out was that we were using a software platform that was developed mainly for large businesses. Since our clients were mostly small businesses, the platform was not as effective as it should have been.

Switching to a friendlier platform that was geared toward small businesses was clear. And ConnectPay was the right fit. In 2016 I merged my payroll business into ConnectPay. The client support team quickly enrolled my clients into the new system and the transition was remarkably smooth.

We’ve received extremely positive feedback from our client base. Customer service is at the top of the list of what our clients love about being with ConnectPay. On a personal level, I’m more focused than ever. ConnectPay is a great place to work and I’m selling even more successfully then I was at my previous company. I’ve tripled my sales since our acquisition. Being a customer centric workplace, I’m happy to be part of the mission at ConnectPay.”




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