Apr 30, 2024 Paul Altavena

4 Reasons Why CPAs Should Outsource Payroll to Refocus on High-Value Core Services

4 Reasons Why CPAs Should Outsource Payroll to Refocus on High-Value Core Services

After another peak season filled with hundreds of W-2 filings and managing payrolls at varying frequencies, we’d make the educated guess that you likely miss the earlier days of focusing on the core accounting services that got you this far in the first place–instead of coming in early or leaving late to run that last payroll. Sound familiar?

If your day (or that of your dedicated staff) currently revolves around processing payroll–instead of focusing on your core accounting services–we’re here to remind you: you're not required to run payroll for your book of business. Have you considered outsourcing payroll to a trusted provider?

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits you can take advantage of if you decide to outsource your clients’ payroll to a small-business focused payroll provider. 

1. Free up time for your whole team

Chances are–you’ve got a small team working on a large book of business–so you know firsthand it’s incredibly easy to get stretched thin quickly. Burnout is real–and if your firm gets too busy too quickly–your clients and your staff will feel the pressure. And as the principal, or possibly as the sole business owner yourself–you’re no stranger to the pressure of burnout either. 

This type of constant tension of tackling day-to-day tasks, with payroll ‘fire drills’ sprinkled between, can contribute to copious amounts of stress and burnout–for you, or your administrative team handling payroll on your behalf. 

By outsourcing payroll, you're no longer obligated to meet rigid payroll deadlines or keep track of varying pay cycles and frequencies–keeping your employees energized and focused on the accounting work that you hired them to focus on. 

Make room to grow

For some context, saving just 30 minutes a week on payroll tasks can give you or your team 26 business hours back per year! With all that time, there’s room to refocus on continued education and security training, additional projects, or firm management tasks. And your valuable time as principal can be refocused on nurturing relationships and attracting new revenue and clients.

At the core of it, offloading payroll frees up time and valuable bandwidth within your firm. This wiggle room allows you to possibly even develop and offer new services that cater to your clients' evolving needs. You could even begin to explore areas like wealth management or financial budgeting. Which project could you cross off your firm’s to-do list with 26 free hours?

2. Reduce overhead expenses; Explore new opportunities for new revenue 

We offer revenue sharing programs specifically designed for your firm–providing you with tailored opportunities for ongoing growth. Instead of a one-size-fits-all revenue sharing model, we’ll assess your clients’ needs and build a plan designed to help you scale and grow.

Our unique CPA Partnership model takes payroll off your plate, while still providing you with direct access to your clients' payroll data as a third-party-administrator on our platform–providing a seamless experience for everyone involved. We take the burden of payroll off your shoulders–allowing you to maintain stronger advisor-client relationships with your clients.

Our service team is made up of real people, not chatbots 

Service is our priority–and with ConnectPay, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Payroll Specialist working on your clients’ accounts. Our fleet of payroll specialists are supported by our dedicated team of tax experts–working around the clock to ensure accuracy and compliance. 

We’re committed to our No Voicemail guarantee during business hours–so if you or your clients need assistance during the day, our team will always answer the phone. With our team, you won’t sit in a ticket queue or wait days to hear from our team. 

And as your clients scale and grow their own businesses, our Connected Payroll model can put your clients in touch with local, trusted recommendations they can count on for ancillary services like workers’ compensation, retirement savings, employee benefits–and more. 

But we’re not in the business of upselling or unsolicited recommendations–we’ll only connect with your clients regarding ancillary services if they ask us for recommendations.

Curious to learn more about our CPA Partnership? Meet Mark Rosen, CPA, CFPhe’s the Managing Partner at Rosen & Associates LLP in Boston, MA. We’ve been running payroll for his dental clients for 17 years! 


3. Delight your long-time clients all over again 

Worried about losing long-time clients who could be devastated to hear you’re working with a new payroll partner? The truth is–you can assure these clients that you’ll actually be spending more time with them than ever–when and if they need you, of course. 

In fact–making this type of transition actually provides a strong opportunity for you to reemerge as their trusted CPA. By outsourcing payroll, you’re making a firm commitment to your clients’ continued success–delivering a clear message that you care about their payroll needs, and want to take payroll processing a step further by calling in the experts.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

In order to achieve this smooth transition, transparency is key. Communicate openly and directly to your valued clients that you are sunsetting your payroll services in order to dive back into your accounting work deeper than ever. 

Most likely, your clients will be impressed with your direct communication and commitment to your core services. After all–when they first got in touch–they didn’t call you to run payroll. 

Consider announcing the news with a brief press release, then follow up with 1-2 emails reminding them of the change. Invite them to contact you with questions or concerns. However you decide to communicate the change, be sure your clients feel seen and heard throughout the process.

4. Eliminate data security and compliance worries for good

When you outsource payroll to a provider committed to payroll and tax compliance and data security, you can focus entirely on your clients with complete confidence. 

Experienced payroll providers like us here at ConnectPay offer a dedicated tax team of compliance experts working on your clients’ behalf. Our payroll platform and payroll experts meticulously handle all the intricacies of payroll processing and tax filings, keeping up with federal and local changes, and even making authorized payments on your clients’ behalf–preventing IRS notices or penalties.

Data security is our top priority 

It’s our mission to protect any and all sensitive personal and financial data that belongs to the hard-working small business owners that we service. Some of our proactive security measures include:

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) for all ConnectPay team members
  • Firewall protection
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Data backup and recovery systems
  • Regular security trainings and testing for ConnectPay team members
  • Regular system-wide penetration testing 
  • Written and digital WISP
  • Physical security measures for our physical locations

To fortify our servers, we utilize industry-grade security infrastructure to safeguard any and all data that comes through our payroll platform, our website, social media platforms, email inboxes, and internal networks. 

A smooth transition is key

If you decide to outsource payroll, our team at ConnectPay ensures a smooth transition and ongoing support for your book of business. Our dedicated Onboarding Team will work with you to set your clients up at the beginning of a new quarter to minimize disruptions to your workflow or theirs.

You'll also receive dedicated support from your Payroll Specialist who becomes your go-to person for any questions or concerns. This allows you to maintain strong relationships with your clients and continue acting as their trusted advisor–even after payroll is transitioned. You’ll be able to access their payroll data directly as a third party administrator. 

We’re here to help

Curious what your CPA Partnership could look like with ConnectPay? Get in touch with us! Is it time to simplify payroll?


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